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An angry letter from a reader?

February 26, 2009

So here’s an angry letter I received about the post I wrote about being acne free. Here it is in its entirety:

“We think it is shameful, yes shameful that you are claiming to be acne-free. Zits of America, unite! We decided to come out, in full force, and bring you down a notch; you’re all “Miss I’m acne-free!” Going on and on. Please. Therefore, missy, your formerly clear skin? Gone. Gone! We conspired to come out full force, en masse if you will, to be sure that you are one broken out hot mess, and will continue to be if we have anything to do with it–and we do, you bet your sweet bippy, we do. And we are happy happy happy. Yes, that’s right. The pimples are in control once again, and don’t you forget it. Don’t underestimate us, chickie. No matter what you do, what fancy expensive regimen you try, we always come back. So buckle up, buttercup. It’s gonna be a “bumpy” ride. We are right under the surface, waiting. Bring it on, lollipop. We can take whatever you can dish out. You might as well “face” it–ha ha. We will always be there for you. Just like your beloved “Friends.”

So, um yea…right after I posted how clear my skin was, how wonderful I was doing–BAM! Acne City. Is it hormones? Is it stress? I didn’t do anything different, really. I have been drinking a lot of soy tea lattes and I just read that soy is actually terrible for your skin. So I’m cutting out the soy. I stopped using the Vivite (for now). Acne sucks and I HATE it. So what up? Why all the pimples. Oh, the agony!

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  1. oh – sucky. so sorry rach! sometimes i wonder if all the stuff we put on them just makes it worse, but who the heck knows? just know you are still beautiful regardless…love you sis.

  2. bamandpoppa permalink

    Sweetie! We’re so sorry we bequeathed bad ACNE genes to you. You were supposed to outgrow it by age 18. Guess this proves you’re still a kid after all. Love, Mom and Dad

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