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Random thoughts for the day

February 18, 2009

Random thought #1: I went looking for my computer case the other day and couldn’t find it. I looked here, I looked there…nope, nowhere to be seen. So I said to myself, self: ask JP, he seems to know where all the techie stuff is. JP, honey? Where is my computer case? Pause. Well, he says, last time I saw it, it was on Lukey’s head. He looks at me.

I look at him blankly. I have no response to that.

Random thought #2: My husband really is the nicest guy around. Not because he gives me stuff or takes me lots of places–cuz we’re kind of on hold with all of that with the economy as it is and all that. No, what makes my honey so cool is that when I backed up into a stupid round cement post that had absolutely no business being in my blind spot thank you very much and in my new car dammit, he did not bat an eye–he made sure I was okay, the babe was okay, and said hey, we’ll just get it fixed. It’s just a car. And that’s a quote. Coolness personified.

Random thought #3: Why, oh why, do these poor kids who get all the way through the thousands of people who audition on American Idol and make it to Hollywood, then get all the way through the drama of Hollywood week, then get to their first live TV gig, pick a horrendous song like “Hicktown” or “Everything Little Thing?” Does no one advise these dumb caboodles? This is their ONE SHOT and they give us this? I really do feel sorry for them–because now they have to live with the fact that they were the ones who picked the horrible songs and it is solely their choice. Hello? They’ve been singing their whole lives and they don’t know what to sing? Come on! They will be plagued by “bad song choice” the rest of their lives. I know I wouldn’t want to be “that guy.” Would you?

Random thought #4: Anya made us a deal: she would not fight with her brother for a whole week and she would in turn get a reward out of the reward drawer. She lasted one night. It was a glorious night, it was it was! He was a dolly, so sweet to be paid attention to by his big sissy la la (that’s what he calls her). They played games, read together, ate dinner together, watched a show, snuggled. It was wonderful.

However, yesterday she had a friend over for a few hours and that was the end of that. She wanted him to leave them alone, even though they were playing in an open area of the house. And they were playing pet shop…I believe it was called “Animal Crazy”–with his little stuffed animals. And his books. Well, that didn’t seem fair to him. He tried to negotiate: let me play, you can keep my stuff. Pretty smart for a 3 yr old, I thought. Her response was to pick him up like a sack of potatoes and toss him back in his playroom. Well, that didn’t go over well either–fur started to fly! Mommy got involved and that was the end of the “craziness of the animals” in my house. For now, at least. And that reward? Oh yes, still in the drawer. It appears it will be gathering some dust in there for awhile.

Random thought #5: I have my own personal homeless guy. He’s a little guy that hangs out here in Dana Point. He your typical homeless dude: dirty, bearded, talks to himself. But something about him speaks to me. He always hangs out at Ralph’s or Taco Bell; if you ask him if he’s hungry, he’ll say “Yes ma’am.” He doesn’t panhandle, or beg. When I see him, I will go in and get him food, or give him a food gift card. I think his name is Joe, but no one is really sure. I’ve been feeding him for years, and I wonder where he goes when it rains or if it’s cold. I make sure he uses the money for food, not alcohol. I wasn’t born yesterday, ya know.

Our local Starbucks has an inside corner that is very accommodating to the down and out when the weather is rainy and cold–they give them shelter and coffee. I know, shocking, right? Our other local D.P. coffee joint turns them away, so I feel good about giving Starbucks my business. I hope Joe makes it to Starbucks next time it rains.

Random thought #6: One of my very best friend’s mom is undergoing surgery today for a skin cancer that was on top of her head that grew down into her skull and brain. She went faithfully every week for a year to her dermatologist and he kept telling her, after he removed the skin cancer, that it was healing, it was infected, take an antibiotic, use this cream, etc. She dutifully did EVERYTHING he said. However, he never followed up with a proper biopsy or CAT-Scan. Now the cancer has grown down into her BRAIN. This poor lady is over 70 and is having to endure a 10-12 hour surgery where they have to invade brain, nerves, and muscles. Her chances of survival are okay-ish, but with no side effects? Slim at best. Hope and pray.

We are all very worried and are saying tons of prayers. My hope for anyone who reads this is that you learn from this and forward this to your friends and loved ones. Don’t put all your faith in your doctor–ask questions!! Remember, the law of averages applies to doctors too–meaning that most doctors are just average. Be your own advocate. Trust your instincts. Don’t worry about upsetting your doctor–who cares? Find another one. Get second, third opinions. Research on your own. Life is too precious.

OK. I’m done. Have a nice day.

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  1. You’re lucky to have a hubby who is the epitome of “coolness.”Mine is so understanding sometimes, I think he’s faking it… so he can nail me on whatever he SHOULD have been upset about later, when I’m least expecting it.I’m still waiting. And there are a lot of incidents in the hopper.It’s gonna be a really big day when he busts loose with them all.

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