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People tell he he’s gifted?

February 9, 2009

My little 3 yr old son, Lukas, cried out in frustration today because he couldn’t put together his, of course, Transformer. I knew this because he told me. To quote, “Mommy, I’m FRUSTRATED because this Transformer is too DIFFICULT. Why do DIFFICULT things have to be so TERRIBLY FRUSTRATING?” Hmmm…I know my little man is, you know, what’s the word? Um…I don’t know–well, clearly he’s waaaayyy more succinct than I am. Smart, yea, that’s it.
So I decided to follow him around today and write down all the big words (well, big for me). Here follows a list of Lukey’s favorite multi-syllabic (is that a word?) words: disgusting (really, his favorite word), favorite, cornucopia, transformation and transformers, the above mentioned terribly and its cousin terrible, frustrated and frustrating, difficult, coffeemaker, quesadilla, possible and impossible, autobots and decepticons (if you have young boys, you know what I’m sayin‘)…I’m sure there’s more. I’ll be back…
(Later) Okay here we go: hysterical, interesting, expensive, exhausted, accidentally, and actually. As in “Mom, I didn’t actually mean to accidentally spill milk on your expensive Louis Vuitton handbag. Isn’t that hysterically interesting?”
Don’t even ask if I’m exhausted. I have a 3 yr old boy. (And we won’t discuss the word idiot right now.)

Yea, it’s a gift.

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  1. bamandpoppa permalink

    Lukey is so cute and so smart. We love him.

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