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Awesome Anya!

February 9, 2009

So my girl has finally done it…she is the K-Notable Knight of the Week! So what the heck does that mean? After 5 looonng months of school and what’s that….(oh God, math) 20 or so weeks (minus 1 or 2 for vaca) of checking her teacher’s website hopefully every Monday morning–and then looking at me with those big, beautiful hazel eyes full of sadness and dejection when she DIDN’T get it….she got it! And what does getting it entail? A free Jamba Juice, a free Ruby’s Diner Kid’s Meal, and a free round of miniature golf or go-cart racing at a local place. And the envy of all the other kids in the class who haven’t gotten all that cool stuff yet.
Why is this week different from all other weeks, you ask? Well, she has been kicking some serious tushy on every one of her spelling tests (100+ every week); 90+ on vocab; 90+ on math; and on and on. The only dark cloud is Spanish (C+) but Lukey told her he would help her with that. He does watch “DORA” you know.

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  1. bamandpoppa permalink

    Yea for Ani. Those grades are terrific and what a prize. So glad Lukey wants to help her.

  2. Congrats to your daughter. She deserves to be rewarded for all her hard work. In Washington State there are 180 school days in the school year. That is less than six months of school in a years time. And it just amazes me all the stuff that has to be crammed into these kids heads in such a short amount of time. So when kids get it…it really is a cause for celebration!!

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