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I’m in BLISS!

February 3, 2009

I keep whining to well, anyone who will listen, about the lack of great customer service that exists anymore, especially with large companies. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that companies like MACY’s, TARGET, and HOME DEPOT are all cutting jobs–I dislike going in to those places specifically because I have to stand there looking around, never finding a soul to help me. Maybe that’s why WAL-MART is doing to so well? There’s always someone around, even to the point of bugging!

Well today I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. I had ordered a few products I couldn’t live without (of course) from BLISS, the uberspa and skincare catalogue. I love that they pick and choose all the cool stuff out there, have their own amazing line (well, two really: Bliss and Remede), and even have niche stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Plus undercover clothes to flatter, jewelry, shoes, make-up, etc. Some of it is pricey, but they do have a lot of sets and sales. And, they give you 10% during your birthday month, if you go to their site and sign up for that. So…

I placed my order online. Couldn’t get the promotion code to take for free shipping. Realized I placed the order on February 1–one day after my birthday month. Argh! So I went to the Contact Us button, fired off a nice but to the point email and went about my busy day.

So today I get a very nice email from their Customer Service department that not only are they giving me 10% off my entire order but they are also upgrading my 2-day shipping to overnight at their expense. How cool (and rare) is that?

Now that is what I call Customer Service! Remember, one unhappy customer tells ten. But only one happy customer will usually tell another. Well, I hope at least I get a few of you to check out and check out some of their stuff. Or go to their amazing SPAs–wow! My friend Judy and I went to the one in the W Hotel in San Fransisco 2 years ago and I still dream about it!

Have fun!

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  1. Wait, are “cozy” and “fancy” out already?!

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