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January 26, 2009

I’m really digging the TWILIGHT SOUNDTRACK right now. Track 1 (Supermassive Black Hole by Muse–my new ringtone!); Track 2 (Decode by Paramore); Track 3 (Full Moon by The Black Ghosts); Track 6 (Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) by Perry Farrell–Awesome!!!); these are my favorites but the whole thing is really really good.

I am also enjoying SEAL‘s new one and DIDO‘s new one. (I would call them albums but that would date me.) I usually love anything by SEAL (his last one, not so much); this one is all covers of older R&B songs; I could listen to him sing the phone book and be happy so I’m glad to hear him again. I still love his older stuff though. “Waiting for You” is one of his best songs, ever. Oh, and “Crazy.” DIDO has a pretty voice–not great but good–she was a musical child prodigy (most people don’t know that) and can play multiple instruments and writes all her own music and lyrics. That I think is cool.

I am also really into soft and cozy (Lukey’s word) fabrics for our clothes and I have found that Nordstrom Rack carries SPLENDID and ELLA MOSS for women for really bargain prices. I just picked up two Ella Moss tops for $30 each (normally $85-$120 each) and a Splendid long-sleeved tee for just $20 (reg. price $65). I also got a great JUICY COUTURE sweater for $60 that is usually $148. Anya got a JUICY sweater also (of course) for $40 (reg. $100). Still pricey for a kid sweater, but hey, it’s JUICY! And it looked so cute on, with room to grow. I know, I know, rationalization city. Better quality than Loehman’s in my opinion; so to see if there’s one in your area go to and click on store locations. No, you can’t buy online from them. They also carry shoes, handbags, and plus sizes.

I am loving one particular shade of eye shadow by BOBBI BROWN called Velvet Plum. The ladies at Bloomingdale’s told me they can’t keep it in stock. Actually they were out of it when I went to buy an extra one (I actually never shop there but we were at Fashion Island over the holidays and I happened to be in there). Anyway, JP got me a beautiful palate at Saks for xmas that has that Velvet Plum in it, along with three other usable colors. If you are like me or my niece Sarah, you will wear it all over your lid. If you are less brave, put it in your crease or as liner. Any way you wear it, you will look beautiful and you will thank me. Or if you like to shop online, go to and buy it there. Totally worth it.

I found a lip plumper that I really really like. It’s by APOTEK and I like that it’s a total lip conditioner as well as plumper. You can use it by itself, as a primer before lipstick or gloss, or even over your lipstick or gloss. It’s not too sting-y, it smells yummy but not too sweet, and it’s not gunky at all. Plus it comes in a tube with a wand, so you don’t get your finger all gummy. Go to Apotek Total Lip Treatment to purchase. If you do decide to purchase, remember to use my coupon code on the home page for extra savings! Or click and paste right here: 15PNWS01–save $15 on a $50 order. They have lots of cool stuff at the site ( that I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.

Everyone always asks what color I wear on my lips and how does it stay on so well! So here’s my secret: I wear Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Sandstone. It’s the only long-wearing lip color I’ve found that doesn’t dry my lips out at all. What’s weird is that the other colors do dry my lips out and don’t wear as well. So what do you know. Only this one particular color works for me and my, what, lip chemistry? Whatever, it works.

Finally (!) my fragrance. I am literally stopped (stopped!) on the street and asked by both men and women alike what I am wearing. I wear Jo Malone Lime, Basil, Mandarin spray perfume. I love it because it’s light and citrus-y, and not at all musky or heavy, yet still feminine. My older sister tried it and hated it on herself so you never know. Jo Malone makes a ton of other fragrances though, and she likes the Orange Blossom (I think?). I also like the Grapefruit and a few others…they encourage you to mix and match. Go to or to check out the line. I love it!

So I think that’s it for today. Go forth and enjoy!

OH YEA: Eyelash update: my eyelashes are doing amazing, thanks for asking! I am loving my Revitalash. If you want to purchase your own, go to RevitaLash and again, NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO USE THE COUPON CODE, FOR SURE! (If they let you, I’m not sure.) But it’s totally worth it, in my opinion. Combined with the DiorShow Mascara, wow.

Tip for the day: When brushing your teeth, swipe your toothbrush over your lips to remove any dead skin. Then apply a bit of lip conditioner or above mentioned Apotek plumper. This will create a much smoother surface for you to apply your pigment. Follow with favorite lipstick or gloss.

Same concept applies when you exfoliate: don’t forget your lips! 🙂

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