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TV bye bye

January 25, 2009

Shows that I have given up on in 2009:

1) So I’ve given up completely on LOST. LOST has lost me. I’ve gotten so lost, that I just can’t get lost in LOST anymore. OK, I’m done.

See, it started out so SOOO great–what a concept! I won’t even try to explain it here because it seemed so simple and became so convoluted that it makes me wonder if the creators of the show even knew where they were going with it. Reminds me of the X-Files–another great show that was just plundered into nothingness by the writers/producers–sad sad sad. This is a huge one for me too, but it just feels like a huge waste of time–a true sign to end it. Like a break-up.

2) I’ve also stopped watching Showtime’s THE L WORD. I enjoyed the show the past 2 seasons (I had never watched before) because I was usually up late w/ the baby and it came on when everyone had gone to bed. I am clearly a straight girl but fascinated that a whole les-girl culture exists right here in LA (really they film in Vancouver but ya know) and I love all the clothes and hair and make-up–it’s all so girly. Also I love how accepting they are of women’s bodies–they just love women, all shapes and sizes.

I didn’t even mind the girl-on-girl stuff so much–mostly it was pretty tame. However, when Alan Cumming (was the last name just a coincidence, hmmm?) guest starred as a gay man who fell for a girl transitioning to a guy and they had sex, my head just exploded. Who was putting what where? How were they doin it exactly? Did I need to watch upside-down? That was when I decided maybe I wasn’t as sophisticated as I thought I was. This was just TMI, you know? (I still supported No on Prop 8 and all that.) I think I’ll just stick with regular vanilla TV for awhile.

3) I also stopped watching THE BIGGEST LOSER. I never really watched it watched it, but Anya liked to turn it on so I would tune in occasionally. These poor people are working so hard to lose weight, and I certainly would feel for them when Jillian and Bob pushed them to their limits. And oh, I loved getting in a good cry at weigh in–I mean, who doesn’t? But mostly I just felt guilty for not working out–so I decided I could do without even more guilt and just shut it off. I’m already Jewish–enough with the guilt.

4) HEROES: we hardly knew ya–because the writers sucked! The first season was so great, and then it just stank like poo. I completely gave up. Though I am looking forward to seeing the guy that plays that baddie Sylar as Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie. Insert tepid golf clap here.

5) And finally, I stopped half-watching THE SIMPSONS with JP when he turns it on. Could they just stop with this show already? Really, it’s become embarassing. Does anyone really know or care if they are watching new or repeats at this point? Seriously. Give it up, guys. Go home. It does still make me laugh though. (However, JP’s Bart slippers have to go.)

I miss FRIENDS. They were always there for me. (Get it? Go ahead–sing the song. I crack myself up.)

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