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So apparently I’m an idiot…

January 25, 2009

Lukey asked me to put together one of his transformers yesterday–you know, the ones that are for ages 5-8 years old, that he flips together in a nanosecond. And remember, he’s only 3 years old, right? So, I say, okay baby, no problem. I usually feel like my head is going to explode trying to put these damn things together (you laugh! But ha–they are made in Japan, or China and A does not go with B. Not. Easy.Head. Hurts.). But I am a strong capable woman–I can do it! I went to college!

Anyway, 5 minutes pass and he comes back to check on me. “Are you done with that yet mama?” he asks all wide-eyed and sweet. Uh no kid, come back later. Mommy is still pulling her hair out with this thing. And then, I KID YOU NOT, he rolls his eyes, hands splayed at his sides, he says “Come on, mom, don’t be an idiot! It’s so easy!” And he takes the transformer from my shocked self, and flip flip flip–puts the dang thing together all by himself.

So, apparently, he’s right–I am an idiot. And I have to start monitoring his shows more closely.

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