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I’ve been found out!

January 17, 2009

I was recently contacted by a very nice guy at a very cool site called and they asked if I wanted to be affiliated with their site. Well, gosh golly gee and call me a bunny–who knew anyone but my mom and sisters even read this blog? So I checked out their site and since they carry all the cool skincare products that I already use and like, I added them to my site for you, dear readers, to benefit from. How you ask? Simple. Just click on any of the product or site links I have provided (or will continue to provide) for any of the skin care goodies I mention that I can’t live without. Most importantly though is that to save $$$ you need to put in the code you see on the bottom right of the first page of my blog, right above the logo at checkout! You can save 15% on a $50 order–that’s really good! And it just goes up from there…you can click on their coupons or daily specials once you get to their site for even more deals. They have wonderful high-end products at great prices, plus live people to chat with if you need help.

You can also click right to straight from my site. (Also see link bottom right.) When I get to my book list (still ruminating), you will be able to go right to the books. I’m just not that ambitious just yet.

I suppose now I’m gonna have to watch my language mo better and not say the f-word anymore, right?

Chapped lips Tip for the day: I love love love Zim’s Crack Creme. It’s cheap ($3.99 for two tubes); it tastes like cherry not medicine; it works amazingly well and FAST; and you can find it at any Longs, CVS, or online at Plus the name just (wait for it) CRACKS me up! Ha ha ha ha ha.

They also make other products for hands, feet (superb heel creme, like nothin else I’ve tried for those dry cracked heels, seriously), boob creme for nursing moms, too. Check it out, you’ll thank me. Bye!

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