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The Sweetie Effect

January 6, 2009

Well, congrats to my folks for pulling off a wonderful anniversary weekend. Wow was it fun! Not much to say here except “Good one Dad for getting down on one knee–who knew you could still do that? and giving Mom a brand new diamond ring!” And kudos to Mom for making their house so warm and inviting, as always, to everyone who wanted to join in and celebrate this happy occasion.

Mom’s best friend Marian mentioned in her speech that in spending a weekend with them, she had never heard two people call each other “sweetie” as often as my parents do. Sometimes it was a simple “Thanks for passing the cereal, sweetie” and other times it was a “You passed the turn for the fourth time, SWEETIE!” Yet it was always said with love.

My parents have always taught my sisters Caren, Leslie and I nothing but love, hugs and kisees; say what’s on your mind but with kindness; treat others with respect. Oh, and eat your vegetables.

Here are just a few of the happy pix:

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One Comment
  1. Said so well Rach! Your parents ,have had a great influence on many a life including mine. You Caren and Leslie are very blessed!!! Was so wonderful to see you!!

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