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It’s a wonderful wife

December 29, 2008

Every girl should have a husband who’s as great a wife as my guy. Let me explain that.

JP has to be one of the most domesticated men I’ve ever met. Having grown up in a traditional household, where my dad would look dazed and confused if asked to find the bacon, let alone heat it up in a pan (insert da na na na music here)– though dad could bring it home for sure, I am still awed every time my honey actually knows what EVOO is, picks up fig spread to go with the triple cream brie cheese, or prepares an amazing full on turkey spread for Thanksgiving or roast lamb for Christmas, or heck, just everyday stuff. So HE COOKS.

Plus don’t even get me started on how he does his own laundry, picks out all his own clothes (including the suits, etc. he needs for work), and the decorating he does every year for Christmas AND Chanukah. And he likes a clean and organized kitchen, so he’s always straightening it up. It’s very cute. So HE CLEANS.

Plus he plays with the kids, kisses and hugs them, doesn’t have to “babysit” them likes a lot of dads do, he just hangs with them so I can do my stuff–kind of like what moms do. He even changes diapers, or at this point, takes Lukey potty. Yes, to be graphic, even poopy ones. And for both kids, he has always been the one to clean up the projectile vomit–not me. But maybe that is the husband’s job, I don’t know. So HE LOVES.

And, he’s handy. Very handy. So clearly he’s not Jewish. That might be where he differs from a traditional wife, not in the Jewish thing, but in the wife thing, but I thought I’d throw that in there in that it sure helps having him around the house.

So now that I’ve sung the praises of JP, I can say he’s not perfect: he does get tired and grumpy, he can be too stern with the kids. But he says it’s because he’s busy doing all this other stuff–you know, being a wonderful wife.

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