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Don’t eat yellow snow…

December 18, 2008
So yippy skippy I’m writing this on my NEW FOR ME (that means hand me down) computer but I don’t care cuz it’s rockin! It’s JP’s old computer and he got the new one. Which I’m cool with and Anya thinks is totally unfair, but hey, she’s nine. She doesn’t know what hand me downs are since she is the older kid. She’ll learn.

So two things to report: first, I am very proud of my dad and my husband for two entirely different reasons. Dad because he helped me pull off quite the feat: we totally pulled one over on my mom and surprised her this past weekend by having Anya and I fly up to Sacto and take her to the Nutcracker. Our great friends the Finermans have twin daughters and both girls got cast to dance as Clara so we HAD to go! We got to see Haley dance as Clara and she was spec-tacular! (And break a leg Rach next week!)

The look of surprise on her face as we came down the escalator at the airport was priceless! Not only did Dad somehow get her home from Napa early without spilling the beans, but he also got her out to the airport on false pretenses to pick us up no less. Way to go Dad!

Secondly, I am so proud of JP for taking on two full days of hanging with the boy, who at this point is just like a puppy. (He actually drank his own pee the other day. When I asked him why baby, why? He just shrugged, said he was thirsty. Oy.) So my two boys bonded over, of course, Transformers, visited every Target store in a 20 mile radius checking out the Transformers inventory, and ate pancakes as many times as possible. Oh, and sushi. Lukey’s new nickname is Sushiman. (I would show you pix, but since I’ve switched computers, we are having trouble with that, so maybe next time I can share with you the Sushiman and Sushiman Returns shots.) I returned home to a clean house and a happy boy, so kudos to the honey.

Stay tuned…

Tips for the day: 1) when putting in eye drops, breathe IN; the drops will go right in. If you breathe out, the drops spill all over your face.

2) bring addresses with you when shopping and have stores wrap and mail directly from there; less confusion and stress for you, and less shipping costs in the long run.

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  1. i think i could have gone my whole life without knowing about the pee drinking.

  2. Great tip about the eye drops…I have the WORST time with those…

  3. great picture of you, anya, mom and dad! you definitely pulled off a great surprise!

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