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Well, THAT was interesting…

December 2, 2008

Here I am all excited that I have a 1/2 hour devoted to writing my blog to all my devoted readers (all what, 4 of you, right?) and I’m typing and the lettering looks really weird. So I’m trying to figure it all out by my big girl self and it’s just not happening. Finally, I realize I am typing in Hindi. Yes, Hindi. How, you ask? I have no fucking idea. This is why people like my dad are afraid of computers.

So, I do what any competent 44 year old woman would do: I ask my husband. “JP, honey? Why am I typing in Hindi on my blog?” Silence. Repeat question. “JP, HONEY? Why the hell am I typing in Hindi on my blog?” More silence. Finally, from the other room: “I got nothing.” Now after 16 years of marriage he knows not to wait too long when I get frustrated on my computer. I mean, shoes don’t go flying or anything-well, at least not my Manolos. Let’s just say my patience level is not very high when it comes to computer stuff. So…

My knight in shining, uh, Levi’s came right over, pressed a few buttons, and wa-la, I am now typing my story in English. So there you go…

Tip of the day: For flattering eyelashes this season, start now using REVITALASH lash conditioner. It’s available at Planet Beauty or online at Use the promotional code SKIN and get 10% off!

Also, my sister Caren and I love Dior Show Black Mascara. I love the waterproof formula for utterly amazing lashes. My next blog will be all about adventures in eyelashes!

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  1. Looooooooove the Dior mascara. Thanks to my momma for giving me one!

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