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"Damn it to hell shit piss" as Grandma Adele used to say…

December 2, 2008

So this morning Anya and I go in to wake up and the boy because she wants to kiss his cheekies before she heads off for school. So cute, right? So we go into his room and she says”Lukey, the elves came and brought you something, let’s go see!” and do you know what he replies? He says “No shit! That’s right! Let’s go!” and he bolts up the stairs.

Now, as you may know from reading past blogs, my favorite curse word is fuck and I really do not say it around the kids, so I have NO IDEA where he got this. JP does not curse at all, which I find really annoying. My sitter Amber is a good Catholic girl so she’s not the culprit, and Anya thinks the word “stupid” is a curse word. So…

I have to say it was pretty damn funny. You should have seen the look on Anya’s face. We both stared at each dumbfounded in his room for a second and then laughed and laughed. I told her not to make a big deal out of it but now she’s being Nancy Drew and making it her mission to find out where he heard it. She’s so cute.

I told JP later and boy did he laugh. Of course, I got a lecture on the dangers of cursing, but come on, I don’t smoke (anymore), drink, or do drugs so what’s a girl got left to do?

Meanwhile, Lukey was happy to see that the elves brought him a Minicon Dinobot, which is a 1-inch tall Transformer. And I was happy to see there was no shit in sight.
Tip for the day: New skin care line from Allergan, the makers of Botox. Called VIVITE-I got samples from my neurologist’s office when I got Botox in my head for my headaches (more on that later). This line is AMAZING! It has high concentrations of glycolic acid so it’s stingy, but even my break-out-y skin is doing fabulous, which is cool. Go online to to check it out.

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  1. Hey Rach! Your children are absolutely gorgeous and you look great! Love the vocab!!!!Debbie

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