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Santa threw up at my house…

November 20, 2008

Sorry it’s been awhile guys–been off the grid but I’m back now (that’s cool-speak for “I’ve been sick”). Nothing too exciting going on really. Santa has started to throw up in my house-see, JP just LOVES Christmas season, so he goes absolutely crazy with the decorations come each November. If you ever want to buy my husband a gift, just buy him a Santa-he will be happier than a pig in you know what. Anyway, it’s really cute actually because he’s so excited and that spills over to the kids. The elves come every December 1st and bring them each a small gift in their advent calendars every day–except this year, the elves have already started coming! What’s that about! My kids are all kinds of messed up! Why are the elves coming BEFORE Thanksgiving? Not that they mind, you see. But it is a little confusing. And hey, while we’re at it, where the hell is my present? I get the whole magical fun of Christmas and all. Plus, we do Hanukah, so they REALLY clean up. And yea, we stress that it’s not just about the presents (yea right); it’s about recognizing how special family is and creating our own special traditions.

But…where are those diamond earrings I have always wanted and never gotten? Why does Anya get a Juicy Couture sweatsuit and I don’t even have one yet? I am still waiting for those Ugg slippers everybody says are sooo wonderful and yet…still waiting….JP???? How about a Prada handbag? Or a new Louis Vuitton? Or that new diamond Michele watch band?

And yet…there is that tinge of guilt, yes Jewish guilt-thanks, Mom. Not because I’m a Jew celebrating Christmas-I got over that a looong time ago when JP presented me with a stocking full of Chanel and Jo Malone. No, it’s that even in this economy, where we are still struggling to make Anya’s tuition payments to her pricey but excellent private school every month, we are still doing fine. We still have food, date night, a great house, nice cars, more “stuff” than we can handle. Oh, and Marriott points help A LOT (see, two words) in that department.

So our way of giving back this season is multi-pronged: weekly Salvation Army pick-ups at our home (which to be honest probably help me as much as it helps them); Toys for Tots; Laura’s House (a local shelter for abused woman and children) and the Harvest Food Bank. Oh, and there’s also my local schizo whom I give money to every few weeks for food-I know he’s hungry because he hangs out at the local food joints and I buy him food and watch him eat it-a lesson learned in NYC when they mostly wanted money for alcohol or drugs.
I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We will be visiting the Happiest Place on Earth for a few days (again, those Marriott points). Can’t wait. Crowds, sick people, crying babies. And that’s just my family.

Bye for now.

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  1. Your house always looks soooooo Holiday-tastic!

  2. have fun at dizzyland! give us a couple of years and we’ll join you with micah! love ya sis!

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