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Not even a word…

November 12, 2008

I can’t believe I forgot to add spelling/grammar to yesterday’s post! Though it may actually qualify as a PET PEEVE which would really be a future post at some point, I really can’t stand it when someone says “supposably” which HELLO, isn’t even a word! Which fucked up school did so many people go to that I didn’t where this way okay? Did they learn a different form of English? We are not talking people where English is a second language–that I could understand. No, just your everyday normal, educated people you interact with. That’s what makes it so annoying!

And my second spelling irritation is when people spell A LOT as one word: ALOT. Look it up people: it’s two words! I actually fault our school system on that one, since I was probably in high school before I learned that and my 4th grader still hasn’t learned it yet. She says she learned it from ME, not from her pricey private school. Pa-thetic.

(Note-my Dad really hates it when people say something is “for free.” It’s just free, dopes (not you dear readers). No for is necessary. So now you know.)

Okay, now I’m done ranting for this morning. Have a nice day.

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