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Me Likey, Me Not so likey…

November 11, 2008

My niece Sarah and I must have been on the same page because she just posted her likes and dislikes a day or so ago and I have been ruminating about mine as well, so here we go:

Things that just make my day: hitting all the green lights; when my 3 yr old son sleeps through the night; when everyone in my family is healthy; when “Grey’s Anatomy” is really good; when I pick up Anya from school and she’s happy; when my coffee is just perfect in the morning; when I don’t have a migraine; when my hair and make-up look really good; when I feel skinny; when I love the book I’m reading; when JP calls to tell me he loves me and not just to talk about stuff to get done; talking to my sisters without interruption(which we never have time to do); watching “Friends;” getting my Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, and Allure; seeing a movie that’s as good as the book (can’t wait for “Twilight”–it’s pathetic, I know! and also “The Time Traveler’s Wife”–so excited for that one!!).

Things that really get my knickers in a twist: people who drive too damn slow, dirty cars, dumbass drivers, getting nailed for a speeding ticket (I think that just about covers driving); men who wear too much aftershave; migraines; braggarts; frosted blue eyeshadow; clumpy mascara; lip liner that shows; most TV commercials–though those e*trade ones are DAMN funny; Bill O’Reilly, please; stinky garbage; that I still get zits; buying new clothes and getting them home and finding that sensor thingy still attached (don’t you hate that?); frizzy hair (on me-but really, is it a good look on anybody?); judgemental people; when my back hurts; waiting in a long line at the grocery store for no reason; when US magazine comes and it has those stupid HILLS people on it (Who are they and why are they on the cover of a national mag? Who the fuck cares about you? Not my demographic. Get OFF my magazine and go be on STAR or something, really. Go away.) And spiders.

There are many more things, but that covers most things on a daily basis I think. I won’t even go into body odors because I think we all share that. But on that note: why is it that men (or boys-same thing?) seem particularly proud of their ability to belch and fart so loud? What is THAT about? Hmmm….ponderings for future blogs…..

Tip for the day: my most favoritist (a word?) body scrub and moisturizer is made by Bliss and it is carrot, sesame, milk and honey and the set is ON SALE right now on their website. It’s usually $48 but it’s now only $19. Unbelievable price! Go to and just type in carrot sesame and it comes right up! Great gift, but be sure to buy one for yourself. Enjoy! 🙂

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