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Welcome to my world!

November 6, 2008

(photo by Anya)

Well, here it is, Rachel’s 1st blog. And in true Rachel tradition, here’s what’s going on around me: I have a migraine, my sitter Ashle is here, and her husband and adorable baby just came over so she could breastfeed; Lukas my 3 yr old is running around naked, showing Ashle’s baby his Transformer (no that’s not his nickname for his you know what); Anya my 9 yr old is supposed to be doing her homework but is instead playing with her American Girl dolls as well as playing with baby Finnley; and my husband JP is out of town for, oh, going on the third week straight. Oh, and I am potty training Lukey also. And I think Anya has become a certified hypochondriac. Valium anyone? No, just me.

Of course, I DID get a new Juicy Couture gorgeous faux fur coat (go little animals) on sale 40% off this week at Saks–wow, can you believe it? And some new Laura Mercier make-up. So my eyes and my skin look really pretty. That kind of cancels out the personal chaos a little don’t you think? That’s what men call female logic. Yea, baby.
I have never really subscribed to the old cliche that when things get tough, the tough go shopping, especially in this economy. The fact that we are on such a tight budget–well, clearly the above is, ahem, shopping evidence to the contrary–so I am totally busted. However, in my defense your honor, I have finally lost a good portion of baby weight (10 pounds to go!), and can wear cute clothes again (have you seen what’s on sale at Saks? I mean, Saks?) and it’s my sister Caren’s fault for making me get expensive make-up (see, I still can blame stuff on my older sister, ha!) and I haven’t bought a new winter coat in like, 4 years. Granted, it’s November and still 80 degrees here in So. Cal but still…so there you go.

So that’s my blog for the day. Things are winding down: Lukey is now in his Bumblebee costume (not an actual bee but from, you know, the movie Transformers–he’s a bit obsessed). Anya is threatening puking or a stomachache or some such something which I interpret as an attempt to avoid finishing her reading; I throw her a “no America’s Next Top Model tonight” (I know, I’m such a good mother) and suddenly she feels well enough to get it done. JP is on a plane home with promises of gifts and there better be one for me this time. I’ve taken my headache pills and Ashle is attempting to organize my living room (see, I had a desk in there, now I don’t but I still have all the stuff. Nuff said). Now, if only we could remove my crazy neighbor from the planet, life would be good. Why, you ask? That will have to be a future blog….

*Make-up tip of the day: Laura Mercier Flawless Fix Pencil (for eyes). Wow this is the coolest pencil I’ve come across, like, ever. Know why? It’s a foundation pencil for the bottom rim of your eye! You put it on first, then line your rim with a colored pencil and it stays on–seriously! So cool!

**Brands on sale this week at Saks: Splendid (amazingly soft tops, usually really pricey), Theory (great tanks and tees), Juicy Couture (coats and sweaters, so cute). Online too!!

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  1. Yay – first post! Very funny and cute new jacket!πŸ™‚

  2. you look fabulous! love the coat too.

  3. Welcome to blogspot! So fun! Will look forward to checking back often. Love you! πŸ™‚

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